Freedom 308 Win 178 gr A-Max® New   ($3.99 Shipping on orders $200-$2000!)

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308 Win 178 gr A-Max® New
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Freedom 308 Win 178 gr A-Max® New   ($3.99 Shipping on orders $200-$2000!)

Loaded by Freedom Munitions.

The Hornady® A-MAX® bullet design grew from a relentless application of everything we know about ballistics and flight characteristics. After all, match shooters demand perfection from their bullets every time they step on the range.

The aerodynamic secant ogive profile, the sharp pointed tip and the unequaled concentricity of the A-MAX® design give it an extremely high ballistic coefficient for near perfection in flight.

The A-MAX® bullet is the ultimate result of more than half a century of studying bullet performance. Ever aspect of accuracy has been designed into the A-MAX® bullet. From its polymer tip to the angle of the boattail, the A-MAX® bullet is engineered for extreme accuracy.

More Information
ManufacturerFreedom Munitions
Casing TypeBrass
Ballistic Coefficient0.495
Bullet ProfileA-MAX®
Bullet Weight178 Gr
Caliber308 Winchester
ActivityGeneral Purpose
Velocity AVG2580 FPS
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