CCI 40 S&W Shotshell (3740) . ($2.99 Shipping on orders $250-$2000)

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Snakes and other pests are small targets and leave little margin for error. Take them out with our exclusive centerfire handgun shotshells. The loads produce consistent patterns that make it easier to knock down nasty critters in tight quarters.
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Our Price $18.00 Per Box
CCI 40 S&W Shotshell (3740) . ($2.99 Shipping on orders $250-$2000)

- #9, 88 gr Shotshell

-Great for close-range pest control

-Packed in reusable boxes of 10 shotshells

-Available in a variety of calibers

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Bullet Weight88 Gr
Caliber40 Smith & Wesson
Velocity AVG1250 FPS
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