Customer Reviews

We take quality very seriously. Below are some reviews from our customers with their testimonies about our products.

What our customers had to say...

  • "I have purchased about 10,000 rounds of 9mm in various weights and bullet configurations and all re-manufactured and I am still very impressed with the performance of this ammo. I have fired about 7500 rounds through my XD9 and had no feed problems and only one miss fire. For the price your ammo can't be beat. I can't tell the difference between your reman and new store bought 9mm. Your reman is cleaner burning than most new ammo I have used. I have been telling everyone that will listen about your ammo. My son has been buying from Freedom too and loves your ammo. We are reloading now and buy all our bullets from Extreme Bullets. Our reloads are not as dependable as your reloads so I still use your ammo for competition shooting. You keep making great ammo at a great price, delivering to my door and I will be a life time customer. Thank you."

    Mike M.

  • "Just a note to thank you for your great ammo,service and staff. i have shot 1000's of rounds of your ammo over the last 3 years and it has been 100% flawless in all calibers (9mm- 40cal-380-and 45 acp ) please feel free to post happy new year !!"


  • "All I can say is "Oh my!" I placed an order just before lunch, and have already received a message that my order has shipped. This is absolutely the fastest shipping turnaround I have seen, especially in this crazy ammo/gun market we are experiencing. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I will definitly be shopping with you again, and have considered the brass program. Great job. Thank you!"

    Anthony F.

  • "I received my shipment of 500 40.S&W last week and finally got to try them at the range. My son and I shot 250 rounds without a hitch. Excellent ammo. Shot clean and very accurate. Will be ordering a new load very soon and will also be getting my 9mm here. Thanks for the great product."

    Brian G.

  • "I would like to take a minute and thank your team. The wife ordered bullets thinking she was ordering me ammo. The mistake was caught, and I got to deal with Misty. What a great employee!! We talked about the issue, she said she would take care of it. Then she called later to let me know things were in motion and problem would be solved. I work with the public and Law Enforcement Officers every day. I understand customer service. Your team is a perfect example of how it should work. Misty was professional, helpful, and even funny with me on the phone. Cant say enough good things about her. If she worked in our Property Room, things would be even better. Again, I would like to say thank you to your team. A mistake by my wife will not ruin the holidays."

    Duke K.

  • "Someone told me about Freedom Munitions a few weeks ago so I thought I'd check out the website. I was pleasantly surprised to find their ammo prices lower than the local ammo sellers, even after shipping costs. They are also very fast at processing orders and getting shipments out the door. Further, they offer decent discounts for veterans, military and law enforcement personnel if you qualify. So far, I've purchased 1500 rounds of remanufactured 9mm from them and intend to purchase more in the future. Their remanufactured rounds appear new, much like the Winchester White Box sold by Wal-Mart and others; further, I've had no mis-fires, duds or low-performing rounds. They have definitely gained my confidence and can count on me as a new and returning customer!"

    Rodney V., Albuquerque, NM

  • "A+Great training ammo, no issues and a good price. I'll be ordering more from here."

    G. Wesley, Racine, WI

  • "Ammo is great. Just received the 250 pack for evaluation. Liked it so much I order 1000 rounds when I got back from the range. Will be writing a review on this ammo at"

    Warwick, RI

  • "CAN'T BEAT THE PRICE! Ordered 500 rounds to try them out. They look great and shoot great. Can't beat the price for ammo shipped to your door step. Will be placing an order for some 9mm and 45."

    Mark, Redlands, CA

  • ".45 Long Colt in the Governor I purchased 100 rounds of the 255 grain to test out in the new S&W Governor. Out of the 44 rounds shot, every round performed flawlessly with little powder left behind making for easy cleanup. Will definitely be purchasing again. Below is a link to accuracy of 6 shots at 25 ft."

    Spokane, WA

  • "Excellent! My XDm ate these up without a single hiccup in the 500 I've shot so far. Ammo works flawlessly, shoots clean and I don't think I can ask for much more. A few bullets did have blemishes or tiny markings on them, but the gun certainly didn't care. Shipping to WA only took one day, super fast. Thanks!"

    Redmond, WA

  • "Amazing! I have a Rugar SR9, shoots 9mm. I've tried a few other ammo brands (trying to save money any way I can) and they don't shoot as smooth as these. These are also the cheapest I've found. Recommended highly and will be ordering them every chance I get extra money so I can stock up!"

    K. King, Walla Walla, WA

  • "Great Ammo. Very good shot group at 100 yds....great Price...I am coming back for more."

    T. Hernandez, Kissimmee, FL

  • "I ran 200 rounds through my Cz 75B without a single problem...They ran straight and clean! Buying more A.S.A.P. The price is the best around!!"

    S.H. Palm Bay, FL

  • "I just wanted to drop you guys a line to say thank you. You're the only company I know of that isn't ripping people off with overpriced ammo. The ammo is excellent. I shot 500rnds of 9mm over a weekend and had no issues. It also burns cleaner than blazer brass and winchester white box. Thanks for doing what you do."

    Emerson H.

  • "Ok. I have to admit that I was was very skeptical of these reloads. In one word. Amazing quality. Under simple inspection it appears brand new, never fired. Casings are clean and un-blemished. I bought 1,000 rds of 45acp and 1,000 of 223/556. Not a single misfire. Awesome. Hate to write this review because this stuff will sell out quick. Happy shooting!"

    Christopher S.

  • "I just wanted to let people know about your ammo and give my 2 cents worth on it. I received my 500 rounds of 115gr 9mm with in a reasonable time considering it was after all the black Friday sales. My wife and I went through 150 rounds at the range putting about 70 through her G19 and the rest through my PPS. It was flawless, accurate and consistent. I was very impressed with it and will continue to use it and get it for my other calibers. Thanks for making a great ammo for we the people."

    Earl S.

  • "Just came back from -2- Defensive Hand Gun Courses at Front Sight, NV and have used nearly 1,000 rounds of 9MM from your company. Not only was the price for your ammunition the lowest one I could find on the web, but all rounds performed flawlessly! Not a single malfunction (Type 2 or Type 3) and excellent accuracy with little to no "smoke". As good or better than the big brand products. Congratulations on your fine product and the excellent service your company provides, Thanks."

    Holger M.

  • "Great range ammo. Not what I would call a hot load, but by no means underwhelming. Powder burns as clean if not more so than any cheap factory loads that I have tried. I have fired aprox. 200 rounds through my brand new Glock 20 gen 3 with no issues. I have already bought more, and for the price it can't be beat."

    D. Leary, Annapolis, MD

  • "Buy this ammo if you want satisfaction from your range/practice sessions. It's cheap, reliable, and ships fast. I used it to run strings during my range time and it went bang each time. At these prices and based on previous experiences with cheap ammo, I was expecting FTFs and FTEs left and right and Freedom Munitions proved my expectations wrong. I am very pleased and buy this when available. Don't set yourself up for failure, buy from Rudy and his gang."

    E. Teasley, GA

  • "I initially ordered a variety of the 9mm loads to try them out. They fired every time and since I couldn't find anywhere else to beat the price for ammo shipped to your door step, I placed an order for 1000 rounds of the 9mm 115gr (That's my caliber of choice) I shot them all with not one problem. EVERY round performed flawlessly and they fired clean making cleanup a lot easier. I have ordered over 5000 rnds since. I have tried all the types: Reloads/NEW/Blaster. I had wife load 6 mags with a mix of the 9mm 115gr type cartridges. I couldn't tell the difference of which type I shot! I Will definitely be purchasing again and again. ALL-IN-ALL This is Excellent ammo that cycles flawlessly, shoot cleans and all for a low price of approx. 16cents per round (1000/Blaster). Why bother reloading at that price. What more can a shooter ask for?"

    P. Baratta, Danville CA

  • "2000 rounds 0 failures since March 13thI've officially put 2000 rounds through my Glock 23 without a single failure. 9 shot 1" group, one flyer. I ran 3 magazines of another target ammo that starts with an F, 170gr and the grouping was garbage along with 2 light primer strikes (lightened firing pin spring). I returned to Freedom's and blew through the last 4 boxes I had with me. I put the standard spring back in just in case but I can honestly say there's no ammo that can compete. Accurate, reliable, pretty clean AND affordable. Believe the hype. If I could I'd dock .10 points off for upping the price and no bulk order discount.(you save 17 cents from buying one case as apposed to 4x250 boxes)"

    M. Greco, San Diego, CA

  • "Great quality and price have fired about 500rounds of ammo from freedom, most of it blaster, it is clean and as accurate as any other I have fired! Will buy again when my stock gets low."

    San Jose, CA

  • "Loyalty earned. I just want to say that Freedom Munitions ammo has been very successful shooting clean & very consistent throughout many different grains and calibers including the Blaster training rds. Thanks Freedom Munitions for providing affordable ammo and quick turn around time on every order I've placed ... rated right up there if not better than most name brands."

    Claudia & David, Seaside, CA

  • "1911 heaven :) Makes feeding your .45 easier on your wallet. I see no advantage to paying a premium for National Brands when this stuff just plain works!"

    Bristol, PA

  • "I can afford to shoot my revolvers again!! Shoots clean, shoots straight, puts holes in paper...what more can you ask for? Save 33% over Wal-Mart."

    Bristol, PA

  • "Blaster is the best. Just used 250 rounds and no problem. Looking forward to the next 1000."

    Seth, West Jordan, UT