Tannerite Single 2 lb Exploding Target (Free Shipping! Orders $249 - $2000)

Contains one 2 pound Target, premeasured packets of catalyst, mixing container and instructions. This target is designed to enhance and excite target practice. Need a compatible centerfire rifle that has high speed impact of 2,000 feet per second.
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Tannerite Single 2 lb Exploding Target (Free Shipping! Orders $249 - $2000)

Permits: You should always check and follow all state, county, and/or local laws and regulations for any applicable permit or license requirements, or other potential restrictions and conditions in your area, for possession and use of Tannerite® brand targets in unmixed and mixed forms. Tannerite® states they make the safest and most stable binary exploding targets on the market. To achieve this level of quality, all targets are made in the U.S.A. with the finest materials available.

Follow instructions included in your package carefully and accurately.

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