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Greetings and welcome to Freedom Munitions.

Freedom Munitions is proud to offer high quality new and remanufactured ammunition utilizing the highest grade components available.  All of our ammunition is manufactured in-house at our factory in Idaho and we have a team of experienced customer service representatives ready to assist you.      

All of our ammo (except .50 BMG) is loaded on the Ammo Load Mark X (pistol) and Mark L (rifle) loading systems.  Freedom Munitions uses only premium components from manufacturers such as CCI/Speer, Federal Cartridge, Lake City Arsenal, X-Treme Bullets, Nosler Bullets, Hornady, St. Marks Powder, etc.  Our experienced machine operators perform a variety of quality checks during the loading process guaranteeing consistent performance round after round.  Our inspection and packaging team visually checks every round, new or remanufactured, prior to packaging so our customers receive high quality and great value with every order.

Freedom Munitions’ remanufacturing process produces high quality ammunition that compares to new.  We purchase fired brass only from indoor ranges.  After sorting by caliber, cases are checked for defects using Scharch Range Master case processing equipment.  The Scharch processing machines automatically check for debris inside the case and pressure tests each case for splits or cracks.  Next, the primers are removed, flash holes are cleared and the primer pocket is reamed to easily accept a new primer.  After processing the cases are re-sized to SAAMI specifications, wet washed and dried. The processed cases are clean, shiny and ready for loading.