Freedom 223 62 gr SS109 New   (Free Shipping Today! Orders $150-$2000)

Freedom 223 62 grain SS109 is built for ultimate target shooting. The SS109 is known for it's steel penetrating abilities, primarily used by the US Military, but popular on the range. With a non-expanding bi-metal magnetic bullet, this full metal jacket projectile delivers match grade performance with every shot.

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Freedom 223 62 gr SS109 New   (Free Shipping Today! Orders $150-$2000)

About SS109

The U.S. designated the SS109 cartridge the M855 and first used it in the M16A2 rifle. The 62-grain round was heavier than the previous 55-grain M193. While the M855 had better armor penetrating ability, it is less likely to fragment after hitting a soft target. This lessens kinetic energy transfer to the target and reduces wounding capability.

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ManufacturerFreedom Munitions
Casing TypeBrass
Bullet TypeBi-Metal Magnetic
Bullet ProfileFull Metal Jacket (FMJ)
Bullet Weight62 Gr
Caliber223 Remington
ActivityGeneral Purpose
Velocity AVG3000 FPS
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